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The purpose of School Planning Councils is to formally acknowledge the importance of parental involvement in improving student achievement. Although many schools have already developed thoughtful approaches to involving parents in planning, the School Planning Councils are intended to formalize the role of parents in all schools in British Columbia...

School Planning Councils Structure and Policy

The School Planning Council will consist of:

  • the school principal
  • one teacher representative elected by secret ballot from the teaching staff
  • three representatives elected by the school’s Parent Advisory Council (one representative must be an elected officer of the Parent Advisory Council)

Note: A parent is defined in the School Act as the:

  • guardian of the person of the student or child
  • person legally entitled to custody of the student or child, or
  • person who usually has the care and control of the student or child

It is anticipated that the School Planning Council will be elected by the end of November. The District implementation committee will then facilitate an in-service opportunity for these Councils with respect to the development of the school plans and the school planning cycle.

School Planning Cycle

School Plans

School plans are to focus on specific areas of student achievement. Student achievement includes intellectual, human and social development, and career development. The primary focus of the school is on intellectual development.

School plans should reflect the context of the school and the full range of students served.

The School Planning Council should consider district goals in the development of school plans.

Schools are encouraged to use a range of data sources in their planning including classroom, school, and district data and data provided by the Ministry.

The School Planning Council should consider the performance of significant groups depending on the population of the school (e.g. Aboriginal, ESL, Special Needs, etc.).