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Provincial Exams

For more information on Provincial Exams, see the Ministry of Education Provincial Examinations Website.

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Mandatory Exams

Graduation Program Exams (mandatory) School Portion Exam Portion
* English 10
* Principles of Math 10, Applications of Math 10 or Essentials Math 10
* Science 10
80% 20%
* Socials 11 or Civic Studies 11 or First Nations 12 80% 20%
* Language Arts 12 (eg. English 12 or Communications 12) 60% 40%

Exam Specifications

Ministry of Education Exam Specifications describe how provincially examinable subjects will be tested. Appendices contain the most recent Scoring Guides. Specifications for Grade 10 and 11 examinations may also include sample items and a sample examination.

Optional Grade 12 Provincial Examinations

Other than Language Arts 12 and BC First Nations 12, students have the option of taking examinations related to specific Grade 12 level courses. Full credit may be earned for these courses whether or not the related provincial examination is taken. If students choose to write these exams, results will count for 40% of the final course mark.

Many Post-Secondary institutions continue to require students to take exams for all provincially-examinable courses as an entrance requirement. Provincial Exams are still required to be eligible for Provincial Scholarships.

Registration for Optional Grade 12 Examinations

Students who register for an optional exam but who do not attend the exam sitting will receive their school mark as their final mark for the course.

Students who register for an optional exam and who actually sign in on the day of the exam, regardless of whether they answer any of the questions, will be considered to have made an exam attempt. This attempt will count for 40% of the student's final letter grade for the course.

Graduation Program Exam Rewrites

If you are enrolled in the 2004 80-credit program, you may rewrite a provincial exam once within the 12-month period following the first attempt at the examination. The Ministry will use whichever exam result is higher and blend it with your school mark.

Retaking a Course

If you retake a course and you are satisfied with your previous exam mark, you do not have to rewrite the provincial exam (providing you retake the course within twelve months of writing the exam for the first time).

Time Limit to Write the Exam

Students must write the Graduation Program Examination or Optional Grade 12 Exam or Provincial Exam within three years of completing a course and of the school percentage being reported to the Ministry. If the exam is not written within three years, the student must retake the course in order to have a valid school percentage to blend with the Graduation Program Examination result.

Student Secure Web Access to Provincial Exam Marks

The Ministry provides online access to school marks and provincial examinations results for students who are currently enrolled in school and have written a provincial examination.

From this site students will be able to create an account and by logging in to their account access their:

  • school percentages
  • provincial exam percentages
  • Standard Ministry Scores (SMS) if applicable
  • final course percentages and grades

NOTE: You must know your Personal Education Number (PEN) before you attempt to create your account. If you don't know your PEN check with your school. The Ministry cannot provide your PEN over the phone.

Sample Exams

A current list of sample exams are available at the Ministry of Education website. Visit the Belmont Virtual Library's Exam Archive for older exams.

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