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Fire and Earthquake Drills / Emergencies 

  • Emergency procedures are reviewed at the beginning of each school year and periodically throughout each term as required.
  • Student should make themselves familiar with these procedures and follow them exactly and safely during drills and/or emergencies.

Medical Emergencies

  • Accidents and medical emergencies must be reported to the office immediately. Students suffering an accident or illness must notify the office before being placed in the medical room or leaving the school for treatment.


Student Code of Conduct

The teachers and administrators at Belmont Secondary believe that this school should be a place for safe, purposeful learning. Consequently, and in accordance with the responsibilities assigned to it by the School Act and by the Board of Trustees. The school expects that students will actively participate through effort and punctual, regular attendance, in their assigned education program.

Expectations of student behaviour, school rules and Sooke School Board Policies shall apply to students at Belmont, while going to and from school and while attending any school curricular or extra-curricular function or activity.

Our Code of Conduct guides our behaviour in and out of school. Everyone in our community - students, parents and teachers - is responsible for promoting and protecting the values that underlie our Code of Conduct.

Consequences and Disciplinary Procedures

Disciplinary action at Belmont Secondary will be determined by each individual situation. All students and parents should recognize and respect the disciplinary role of the teacher and the administration in the classroom, in the school at large and in all extra-curricular situations. In addition, other adults such as supervisory and classroom aides as well as office and custodial personnel may play an important role.

Student Discipline

Any student who violates School Board or school policy will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include, but not limited to:

  • An interview with an administrator;
  • Notification of parent(s)/guardian(s);
  • In-school suspension;
  • Restorative processes;
  • Community service;
  • Loss of privileges;
  • Detention;
  • Referral to counselling or treatment program;
  • Formal suspension from school;
  • Referral to the Sooke Student Review Committee;
  • Transfer to another school.

In cases where students having a disability of an intellectual, physical, sensory, emotional or behavioral nature, the school student support services department will be involved in developing a proactive plan based on the student's Individual Education Plan. The case manager, administrator and parent will all collaborate in a discipline strategy.

Belmont values our students and our school culture. The administration and staff continually endeavor to maintain student anonymity and offer an environment of safety and well being for those who come forward with information related to any breach of our Code of Conduct.


We set high standards and expectations for the conduct of our students while at school and en route to and from school. Each student is accountable for acting in an appropriate and responsible manner towards others and property. Students are required to follow the directives of teachers and other staff who are engaged in carrying out their school duties.


  • Students are expected to show consideration for the person and property of the school neighbors, and to refrain from congregating on public and/or private properties adjacent to the school at lunchtime or while travelling to and from school.
  • The use of roller blades and skateboards is prohibited on school property or premises. Students who bring roller blades or skateboards to school are expected to carry them when entering on to school property, and they must store them in their locker. 
  • Students are expected to comply with classroom expectations set by individual teachers in order to ensure that all students' rights to effective and efficient learning environments are respected.
  • Name-calling, swearing, rude and obscene language spoken, written, or gestured, and intimidation of any form are unacceptable.
  • Hand-held laser pointers are deemed to be capable of causing permanent damage to eyes. School District and Belmont school policies prohibit students from bringing hand-held laser pointers onto school property or premises. Laser pointers brought to school will be confiscated and turned into an administrator.
  • Incidents involving weapons, violence and/or intimidation will not be tolerated.
  • Students who do not comply with these rules are subject to discipline, including suspension for up to or exceeding five days.


  • Students are expected to appear at school appropriately groomed and dressed. Clothing with offensive words, slogans or pictures and/or that promotes racism, sexism, violence, or illicit products is inappropriate attire in our school.
  • Students inappropriately dressed may be asked to remove the offending garment or be required to return home to change.
  • Footwear must be worn at all times in accordance with good health and sanitation practices.


Regular and punctual attendance is prerequisite to a commitment to excellence and the successful intellectual development of the learner. The responsibility for attendance lies with the student and parent/guardian. Absence due to illness or other extenuating circumstances must be confirmed by the parent/guardian by telephone, or in writing, prior to the absence or on the student's return to school.

  • It is expected that, where possible, personal appointments will be made outside school hours.
  • A student requiring an early dismissal due to illness or, in exceptional circumstances, for appointments during school hours, must provide a written or telephone approval by a parent/guardian before checking out through the general office.
  • Where an extended period of absenteeism is anticipated, the school should be advised and home study materials requested, if appropriate. Family vacations are not considered excused absences.
  • It is expected that parents of students who habitually miss classes will monitor their attendance by calling the school on a weekly basis and consulting a counsellor or administrator if assistance of advice is needed.
  • Continued habitual unexcused absence may result in:
    1. Grade 12 student's exclusion from participation in the Prom and/or Grad Recognition Ceremony.
    2. Disciplinary action including suspension and/or request to withdraw from school.
    3. Exclusion from participation on sports teams or other school activities.


At Belmont we actively discourage students smoking. According to District and Belmont School Policy and the C.R.D. Clean Air By-law, there is no smoking allowed in the school building or on the school grounds.

  • Students found smoking within the vicinity of the school or on the premises or grounds are subject to discipline, including suspension for up to five school days and/or referral to the C.R.D. By-law Enforcement Officer for issuance of a fine in the amount of $50.00.
  • Students who must smoke are not permitted to smoke in front of the school on either side of Jacklin Road and must be well past the extreme north and south ends of the school.


Involvement by students with alcohol or non-prescription drugs is prohibited. Involvement includes being under the influence of alcohol or other drugs while at school or in possession of such a substance at school, whether or not it is used. Involvement may also include being in the company of students who are choosing to ignore school and District policy by possessing or using alcohol or other banned substances. Any involvement with alcohol or illicit substances is subject to discipline, including suspension for up to, or exceeding, five school days. As well, the local police may be informed.


Students are permitted to park in the student parking lot at the Northeast corner of the softball field IF their vehicles have been registered with the school office. Unregistered vehicles are subject to tow-away. Entrance to the lot is off Kelly Road. Student cars parked elsewhere on the school property between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. will be towed. Student or visitor cars are NOT permitted in the north end staff parking lot or the student pick-up/drop-off area between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Regulations are clear and school property is clearly marked by signs.

With the exception of cars belonging to students in the Mechanics Program (with valid stickers displayed) student cars are not permitted behind the school. Belmont will NOT pay towing charges if a car is towed away, because it is improperly parked.

In order to protect the rights of all student drivers, the school reserves the right to suspend parking privileges.


Pick-up or drop-off of students must occur on Jacklin Road in front of the school or in the area designated at the north end of the school.


All visitors are required to report to the office upon arrival to receive authorization for their presence. Prior permission must be obtained from respective teachers for a student to have a visitor attend classes with him or her. A permission form is available from the general office and must be completed 24 hours in advance. Unauthorized visitors will be asked to leave.


Parking spaces are located at the rear of the school (Stalls 7 - 11 inclusive). These may be accessed off Jacklin Road between the south end of Belmont and the District Administration building. Visitors must obtain a temporary parking permit from the school office to display on the vehicle dashboard.


The extra-curricular activities offered are a big part of what makes Belmont a special place, some of them among the finest in the province. Here students work outside the classroom with each other and teacher-sponsors toward common goals of fun and skill development.

As well, Belmont students are encouraged and permitted to participate in as many of the B.C. Secondary School Sports activities as they choose. The following athletics are generally available:







Cross Country













Students requiring assistance in a subject area generally seek help from the classroom teacher. Students with identified learning disabilities are able to receive assistance in a Learning Support (LS) block. This class is for students' skill development and support to the school program. Students experiencing ongoing difficulties with their program may also take an LS block with the same focus as above. Students may be referred by the classroom teacher or through a counsellor.


Students with severe educational handicaps require a program attuned to their current and future needs. The Lifeskills Program provides students with the opportunity to maximize their potential in a productive and supportive environment. Students are selectively integrated in a variety of school programs and activities. Students are also integrated into the community through a wide variety of activities and, occasionally, a work experience program. The program emphasizes transition to post-secondary training and into the community. The Lifeskills Program maximizes academic potential, encourages independence, and provides the tools with which students can learn to adapt to their environment and achieve a positive and satisfying life.

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