School District 62 (Sooke)

3067 Jacklin Road  Victoria, British Columbia Canada V9B 3Y7
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School Policies (P6)...
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Safe and caring school environments are free of acts of:

  • bullying, harassment, threat and intimidation
  • violence of any form
  • verbal, physical or sexual abuse
  • discrimination, especially based on race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, sex or sexual orientation (BC Human Rights Code)
  • theft, and
  • vandalism

Safe and caring schools environments do not tolerate the presence of:

  • intoxicating substances
  • weapons and explosives, nor
  • intruders or trespassers.


There are few rules and regulations at Belmont but those that exist are there for the welfare of all and will be enforced. In the main, we want a friendly environment where teachers and students treat each other with mutual respect and courtesy. To that end we depend on the common sense of mature students to ensure the school operates in a safe, orderly fashion. To further this aim it is necessary that we are able to identify with whom we are interacting. To this end:

  • Students are required to carry identification.
  • Students must comply when requested to identify themselves by any adult employee in Belmont. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action including suspension for up to or exceeding five school days.

As well as developing a friendly environment within our school we are conscious of the need to maintain a positive public image of Belmont. Consequently, we dissuade students from "hanging-out" along either side of Jacklin Road that fronts the school. Some of the reasons underlying this policy include:

  • Our concern for student safety and that of passing vehicles as Jacklin Road is a high density traffic route without school zone speed restrictions.
  • Students gathering in front of the school attract persons who are not registered as students at Belmont thus posing added supervisory problems.
  • Students "hanging out" continue to leave the area strewn with litter which precipitates complaints from the public.
  • Smoking and other untoward behaviour presents a poor public image of Belmont and its students and results in added complaints.


Regular class attendance is required and is the responsibility of the STUDENT AND PARENT. We cannot help a student who does not attend regularly. The single greatest cause of failure at school is poor attendance. In the final analysis, responsibility for attendance rests with the student. Nonetheless, students who are truant can expect disciplinary action which, if truancy persists, may result in their being denied the privilege of attending Belmont.


All Belmont students are expected to be on time for all classes. Students entering a class late cause needless interruption to the classroom activity. This wastes the time of all students in the class. Students who are persistently tardy to a given class will be subject to disciplinary action, including possible removal from the class in question.


As a result of the Clean Air by-law (September 1996) we can no longer permit smoking anywhere on school property. Smoking also is not permitted on either side of Jacklin Road in front of the school. Smokers must be beyond the chain link fence on the north side of the school (CanWest side) and beyond the School Board Office on the south side. Students who do not comply with this by-law are subject to a fine of $50.00.


The school will not tolerate any involvement by students with alcohol or other non-prescription drugs. Involvement includes possession of the substance at school whether it is used or not, or being under the influence of alcohol or a drug while at school or at school sponsored activities whether on or off the main campus.

Involvement with alcohol or drugs will lead to an immediate suspension from school. As well, the local police may be informed.


Students may park only in the gravel lot at the north-east end of the school. Entrance to the lot is off Kelly Road. 

Student's cars parked elsewhere on the school property between 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. will be towed away. The property is clearly marked by signs. Belmont will not pay towing fees if your car is towed.

Student cars are not allowed behind the school. Pick-up or drop-off of students should occur in front of the school, in the student lot, or in the designated area adjacent to the staff parking.

Many students have worked hard to buy their own cars, or drive their parent's cars. No one wants rock chips and other damage to cars. Please drive in a responsible manner at all times.

Irresponsible vehicle operation will result in cancellation of parking privileges.

Students who drive to and park at Belmont must complete and sign a Student Parking and Registration form. Forms are available from the general office.



Students wishing to take part in the Recognition Ceremony at UVic in June must meet the following requirements:

a) must have a realistic chance of meeting the Ministry's graduation requirements by the end of the school year.

b) must have completed all correspondence courses by MAY 15.

c) must have paid all fees, fines or assessments and returned all school property.

Please note that it is ultimately the responsibility of each student to ensure that graduation status is maintained. However, counsellors will check your status and will be available to discuss any needed changes.


Names of students who have messages from parents will be posted on the white notice board in front of the general office. Students should check this notice board and pick up messages at the reception desk. The office staff will be available to handle student requests (i.e. making change, looking up locker combinations, etc.) before classes in the morning, during the break, at lunch and after school.

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Updated Oct. 2009