Belmont's PACE Program went to Mexico for a House Building Project

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This is the story ... so far!
In the spring 2005, an opportunity has presented itself, which we simply cannot resist. We have been invited to help build a house in Vicente Guerrero, Mexico, approximately 170 miles south of the US border. Dr. Geoff Hett, a retired professor from the University of Victoria, and his wife Lorraine have travelled for many years down to Mexico and built several houses for families in need in the area. A few years ago, the Hett's established the Erma Fennell Foundation for Needy Children to help residents to build houses, improve living conditions and provide scholarships for children. 

In April 2005, Geoff and Lorraine came to our class to share the story of their remarkable work in Mexico. Needless to say, that many PACE students felt that they wanted to become part of this international project. So... 14 Grade 11 PACE students travelled to Vicente Guerrero (Baja California) for two weeks. This trip is organized by Ms. K. van der Leeden, who was joined by two more chaperons. 

While in Mexico, we stay at the Ministry of Hospitality. During the stay, we assist in the construction of a house for a needy family. We also:

  • decorate the house, build furniture;

  • visit local orphanages;

  • visit the local high school and discuss a partnership program between Belmont and the high school in Vicente Guerrero;

  • volunteer at the food distribution centre with Erma Fennell, a missionary and "Mother Theresa of the Baja";

  • visit the poorest parts of town (barrios) with Erma and assess needs and opportunities for future projects;

  • participate in typical daily life activities, including food preparation and shopping at the local market.


The following organizations and businesses sponsored this project in 2005. We appreciate their generous support and encouragement. Thank you. Gracias!

  • Coast Capital Savings Foundation

  • Canadian Home Builders' Association

  • Colwood Kumon Reading Centre

  • Starbucks Coffee


The following organizations and businesses sponsored the 2006 project. We appreciate their generous support and encouragement. Thank you. Gracias!

  • City of Langford (Mayor Stewart Young)

  • Independent Concrete Ltd.

  • Love Den Romantic Accessories Ltd.

  • Metchosin Lions Club

  • Peninsula CO-OP

  • RONA Home & Garden

  • Travel Underwriters, Richmond BC 

  • Van Tel / Safeway Credit Union

  • In Memory of Tilly

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